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    Hi, everyone! I'm an independent scholar in medieval literature and hold an MA in English literature from Western Michigan University. I study the British literary tradition and work with both Old and Middle English texts in addition to the Middle Scots tradition. I also work with culinary history and have a tendency to try and relate everything to food. I'm working on materials to apply for a PhD this winter, and I lean toward reception theory, intertextuality, translation theory/studies, and interdisciplinary studies. I have broad interests, apparently. Like Jamie, I live with a very special dog: Woody the Inbred Dog, a 105 pound chocolate Labrador Retriever whose parents were brother and sister. He's a sweet, dopey boy, and no, he's not overweight at 105 pounds. He's just large.

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    Awwww. Poor woody!Welcome to the forums! :)

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    Thanks! He's happy, so that's all that matters!

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