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    Hi I am Kate.  I live in Olympia, Washington but I consider Portland to be my home away from home.  All my family is there and I plan to move back sometime in the next few years so, hurrah for PDX!I am an arborist and I live with my good friend and my cat.  I scheme about travel to Scotland and also just around the US and Canada.  In my free time I garden, play the drums, practice tree climbing and learn about Britain.I have been listening to the podcast for a while now and feeling envious of all the special content members get so I joined today.  I am particularly interested in learning about how people lived their daily lives at various points in history, and learning the background information behind big events.  I also love the ways that Jamie has woven in information about climate and environment into the narrative.  It's easy to disregard how important natural history is to human history.  I find it fascinating and would love to hear more in that direction.I am happy to be here and get to connect with others who are interesting in British history and culture.  Thanks to Jamie for all your hard work and for creating this forum for us to share information.  I look forward to learning a lot!KATE

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    Hi, Kate.  I am originally from Portland and am transplanted to Oklahoma.  I still have family in Portland and get back when I can.  I love and miss the NW terribly.  I miss hiking, big trees and slugs.  I don't miss the rain.  I think it is interesting that there tends to be a NW bent to forum members; more folks from Oregon and WA.  I think there is a neat energy about that part of the world that is somewhat lacking here in OK.Laura

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    Yes yes, trees and slugs, we have lots of those!Maybe there are so many of us here because the Northwest, like Britain, is a grey and rainy place and we have some kind of common bond.  Nice to meet you, Laura.

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    That makes sense.  Maybe that is why I felt so at home on my first visit to Scotland.Nice to meet you, too.

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    Welcome, Kate!Jamie is accepting research assistance for 'day in the life' podcasts.  Pick a time period and send him a line!

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    Very true!  I need to actually start organizing a variety of things and that's one of them.  In fact, I should be posting about it on one of the boards because, like I said, I kind of like the idea of this being a collaborative effort with more of a group discussion atmosphere.  But I've had so many things happening at once (anglo saxon brewing and beef, various side projects that will eventually come to light, not to mention watching Liverpool lose the FA cup yesterday) that I've gotten a little behind and overwhelmed.  ;)

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