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    hi all,  I'm a Brit lit and hx lover.  Living in GA. Recent trip to the south of England – can't wait to go back.  Love cathedrals.  Love the podcast most of the time tho a few things make me grit my teeth like the BCE/CE vs BC/AD thing.  :P Just listened to the poet's curse.  Wow!  I know I'm way behind but, have to say: what a story teller you are Jamie!  :o  Sorry to hear about Kerouac. :'(

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    btw  I love British food!  except bangers and smushy peas or squishy peas or whatever they call  them.  But I do love steak and kidney pies and just about everything else.  Love the cider.  My sister (Faith) and I are going to try to make our own hard cider because the cider you get in the states is quite a disappointment after the UK cider – my favorite was Aspalls. :D

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    I'm so pleased you enjoyed the Poet's curse!  I've been thinking about doing more myths, just for the fun of it. :)As for US Cider, check out J.K. Scrumpy.  It isn't perfect, but it's still quite good (though a bit yeasty).Welcome to the community!

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    I agree with Jamie's recommendation on Scrumpy.  Good stuff!  Although I tend to find something good about all ciders.  Although not as good as UK cider, I love Woodchuck's 802 because it's nice and dark.Have you tried to make any cider yet?  I've tried and it is worth it, but it's tough.  I had to re-strain and re-rack it several times to get all the sediment out.  Way more racking involved than with the ales and meads I've made.  I'm surprised you can't find UK or Irish ciders.  Here in Indiana, we can get several imports.Would love to hear how the cider making goes!

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