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    Hello. I'm Jonny, and I hail from Sunderland, England. I love history, especially the Napoleonic era and military history. I also love to read though I never have enough time for it :(. I happen to be a hardcore nerd and am well-versed in the arts of all things nerdy.Jonny

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    I too am interested in nerd arts.  Having said that, I'm more of a geek.  Nerds are smart.What are your nerd interest?

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    That's a fairly difficult question to answer, but I shall endeavour to answer. Well, i collect star trek based gadgets, I love to game (though that is not really nerdy anymore) I collect lightsabers and I collect quite a lot of other stuff as well, though sometimes it is just because it looks cool. That's is all I can think at the moment.

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