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    Hi everyone,I'm John and I live in the historic village of Dore near Sheffield, Yorkshire. Dore was the place where King Ecgbert of Wessex and Mercia took the allegiance of Eanred of Northumbria to become the first overlord of all England, so I'm looking forward to the podcast getting to 829AD. Maybe Jamie can talk me into some subscriber content :- See where I live at remember a lot of the podcast material from school, but it's great to hear it presented in such detail and with the benefit of all the research that's gone on since I last sat in a classroom. They don't even teach this stuff in school any more. Nowadays it's Battle of Hastings > Henry VIII > Adolf Hitler > GCSE. Hmph.

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    John, I think that sounds like a great idea.  Incidentally, Dore looks absolutely beautiful!  Additionally, I don't suppose you have any photographs of historical sites you might like to share with the group?  There's a photography board set up now and since many of the listeners are from outside of the UK, I thought that it might be nice for them to see photos of some of the sites that we've been speaking about (or will speak about in the future).

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