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    Simon Sebag Montefiore was interviewed during an episode of BBC's British History Magazine (History Extra Podcast). His newest book is Jerusalem, the Biography.  The book covers the history of Jerusalem through families from the time of David through the 6 Day War.  I am currently reading about the time periods that coincide with Roman occupation of both GB and Jerusalem/Palestine.  If all goes well I'll be ready for the Crusades in both the podcast and the book at the same time.  And be able to keep up through Napoleon, The Kaiser, both World Wars, the British Mandate and Independence.  The book is not for the delicate of nature or faint of heart!  But, there are lots of good notes, maps, family trees,

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    Awesome, that sounds great, ill definately have to check it out.Interesting Palestine/History fact I came across the other day, the Philistines, inhabitants and name givers of the land of Palestine, were almost certainly greek soldiers from the war at Troy dispersing after the anti-climactic victory.

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