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    Because I don't want to just choose movies that appeal to me, if you would like to participate in the film club, I invite you to list up to three suggestions for January 2014. I am limiting the suggestions to three each in order to make it easier and faster for me to put together a small poll on January 1st. You can suggest three more again for February. I will try to pick movies suggestions from different participants as time goes by or until we come up with a better method. I will also try to choose movies that appear multiple times in the suggestions. I also will be attempting to give a broad range of dates (of production, and when the story takes place).Bretwalda Warnell

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    Suggest a particular theme like:3 films on D day landings:longest daysaving private ryanbig red one3 second world war submarine movies:run silent run deepu 571enemy below3 films on ancient rome:titusquo vardiscaligula3 films about abraham lincolnlincolnkilling lincolnsaving lincoln3 biographical movies:j edgarInvictusMilk3 on ancient japan:shogunranrashomonI know this is more than the 3 you asked for but thats my suggestions for then next 6 months, maybe suggesting a theme for the month rather than a particular movie.

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    There are some great movies here and the 3-with-a- theme sounds like a good idea, but I am not sure how many of those fit a British theme, other than possibly The Longest Day & Run Silent Run Deep? How about a set of movies close-ish to where the podcast  is up to:The Vikings (1958)The Sword in the Stone (1963)The War Lord (1965)Alfred the Great (1969)Excalibur (1981)Beowulf (2007)Valhalla RisingThe Secret of Kells (2009)How To Train Your Dragon (2010).

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    I'm still way behind on the podcast, if the plan is too keep the films to british themes a theme like biographies or ww2 will still work, and plenty of films on royalty. I like the viking feel to your list.

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    We do want to keep a British theme… but colonial/British empire movies work too.I too endorse the three of a theme... So why don't we declare January a Viking/post-Roman, pre-Norman theme... British connection (film maker, setting etc.) is imperative though. If it is a stretch then at least justify why the film should be included as under a British theme. Bretwalda Warnell

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    Beowulf would be good for the time period. We'll be spoilt for choice once we get to the middle ages, the Saxon era is a little more sparsely populated though.Edit: Anyone seen / know about this? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0906775/

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