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    Greetings fellow British History Podcasters.  I am a newbie here– took the crash course and listened to all 99 previous episodes in the last three days (and nights).  Well, that's not entirely true, I got a little queasy with the bloodletting episode so I skipped that one and the next because it was more of the same.I can handle the myth-busting:  St. Patrick's wasn't Irish, Kilts aren't Scottish, the Anglo-Saxons washed their hands before meals, etc., but my world was shattered with the very latest podcast--- the guys' "abs" in Troy and Gladiator were make up?  That's hella wrong Jamie!Apparently, I missed my big chance for the recent "meet up" on the Island.  Hope there will be another opportunity.  Seriously, I am very happy to be aboard and can't wait for episode 100 !  Jan

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    WOW!  The entire show in 3 days?  Even without Unferth and all his illnesses, that's a huge amount of “whatnots” in a very short space of time.  ;)And yes, I'm definitely planning on doing another trip to the UK and another meetup.  The last one was just too much fun for it to be a one time event!Anyway, welcome to the community and thanks for supporting the project!PS: I changed the subject of this post to fit with the rules of this particular category on the forums. :)

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    Did I break a rule ALREADY?  that's gotta be a record even for me.

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    *high five*

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