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    Hi everyone, I'm James.  I live in Edinburgh, Scotland and work in agriculture.  To be honest, I didn't really like history at school mainly due to having a string of really boring history teachers (a bit like this guy - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxPVyieptwA )  I remember spending months on the Wars of the Roses which seemed to be just a spreadsheet of dates. Anyway I dropped history at the first opportunity and that was the end of it as far as my education went.  About three years ago someone recommended the History of Rome podcast by Mike Duncan.  Ok, it was history but I'd always been into the Romans ever since reading the Asterix comics so I gave it a try and it was great.  Since then I've subscribed to Dan Carlin's Hardcore History, Lars Brownworth's 12 Byzantine Rulers and the BBC's In Our Time shows. 

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    That's criminal that your teacher made the Wars of the Roses boring!  While it's one of the most complex periods I'll end up covering, it's also filled to the brim with human drama, rage, and heartache! 

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    Yay heartache!

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