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    From the Imperial War Museum's Centenary of the First World War website, there is an interesting podcast that “will delve into IWM’s sound collection to bring you the voices of those who lived through the First World War. Find out what a huge range of people felt, experienced and witnessed between 1914-1918 – and the impact the events of those years had on their lives.”You may have heard of it already but the series is called Voices of the First World War and each episode focuses on a different theme with veterans and civilians, British and German alike, talking about their experiences of the war. It makes for interesting audio and you can access it via iTunes or the 1914.org website directly, which also contains transcripts and photos etc.Here is the link on the iTunes website: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/iwm-voices-first-world-war/id446748876Here is the link on the official website: http://www.1914.org/podcasts/There is one new episode every month and to date there have been 24 episodes in total. Anyone with an interest in the First World War you should check this out. Here are the first five episodes:1. The shot that led to war2. Outbreak: 4th August 19143. Joining Up4. Wrong place, wrong time5. Training for warThe sound quality at times is a bit hit and miss simply because the recordings would have been done at different times in different locations and collected over a period of many years. I am guessing they have quite an extensive audio collection so there must be hours to pour over in making these podcasts.

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    Another vote for this excellent podcast.  I've listened to them all so far and have found them both fascinating and sobering.  I like the way they have included interviewees from all sides of the conflict.It's a sad thought that it may not be too long before we reach a time when there are no longer any living veterans of the Second World War either.  I grew up listening to my grandfather's (now aged 94) tales of Dunkirk and Normandy and I'd love to hear a similar production with veterans from that war.

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