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    (I wasn't sure if this counted under the book club suggestions, so I'll post it here and move it if needed.)I just finished listening to the first "Iron Druid" book, Hounded, by Kevin Hearne. The series is an urban fantasy tale about a druid from pre-Roman Britain who has survived into modern times and is hanging out in Arizona. The druid, Atticus O'Sullivan (not his original name), is being chased by Aenghus Og (god of Love- not a nice god) because he stole a mystical sword from Og's champion centuries ago. Now that Aenghus has found Atticus's hiding spot, all hell is ready to break loose as Atticus finds himself a pawn in a civil war between the Tuatha de Danann.This is a great read if you're into either Celtic mythology or urban fantasy (Niel Gaiman, Jim Butcher). It's an interesting look at how the gods of the old world might interact with a more modern world.

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    I read this on your recommendation, and it was a lot of fun! I'm moving on to the other books. It's perfect commuting reading.Pure fantasy stories like this are sometimes easier to stomach because they don't make any claims about being accurate. You can just enjoy the story, and if you're curious about some god who shows up, you can do more research to find out what he's really about.Don't get me wrong, well-research historical fiction is awesome, but fantasy based on history is fun sometimes.In that vein, I highly recommend Tim Powers books, particularly The Anubis Gates, The Drawing of the Dark, and On Stranger Tides.

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    I just read this book a few weeks ago.  It was on sale for the Nook and I thought “what the heck.”  It was good and a nice cotton-candy read!  I really don't know if I'll ever get the second in the series, but that's more because I don't typically care for first-person narratives. 

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    Like this book, might also look at 61 nails, urban fantasy centered around lost, forgotten or obscure rites and traditions in British culture. Fun to read, not deep but fun.

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