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    I just split up that mega-thread that was attached to my introduction.  That way, you can reply to each other and the Introduction thread won't be so daunting.  So for new people, start a new topic and tell us about yourself.And for everyone else, have a look around and maybe say hi to your fellow listeners.  We've got a pretty great bunch of people here!

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    Hello from yorkshire only just started with this podcast but loving it already ?

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    Greetings all. I have been a listener to the BHP for about two years and finally made the commitment to membership. Although I live in Tucson Arizona, I travel every year to the United Kingdom. I am fascinated with English history and culture.  My motto when I travel is:  Museums, art galleries and cathedrals by day and Pubs by night!  ;D

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    GreetingsStarting with 12 Byzantine Rulers shortly I after I purchased iPhone 1 I have been addicted to podcasts in general and history podcasts in particular. I just wanted to take the time to thank our host for creating and disseminating such rich, textured and ultimately entertaining content. I have devoured the entire History of Rome series as well as Hardcore History, Revolutions, And come to think of it too many to list! I would just like to say that this podcast is the equal of any when it comes to the quality of research and engaging narrative style. It is humorous engaging and allows the listener to become invested in a story that is all the more enjoyable for being (probably mostly) true. I am sadly in such a tenuous financial situation that I cannot at this moment afford to express my gratitude for so many hours of excellent content by becoming a member. I plan to rectify this at the first available opportunity. I would however like to tell our host that this podcast was an integral element in my efforts to free myself from a crippling heroin addiction. I can't tell you how grateful I was to have this story to take my mind of the wrenching physical and psychological agony of withdrawal. It's a hard thing to totally explain but by focusing on out hosts voice and the elements of the story I was able to push through a very difficult and critical point in my recovery. A classic example of mind over matter. I will always have a very special place in my heart for our host and his most excellent story telling because of this.Thank you

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    Been listening in for a while now so thought I'd register.Best podcast I've ever come across.Hello one and all.Nick , Oxford, England.

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    Hi-  I'm Garth, a retired New Orleanian.  After listening for a while now, I became a member out of shame.  The first sentence in my highschool British History textbook was, “All school children know that the Battle of Hastings was fought in 1066 but…”  Oh the horror at my ignorance.  In the 90s when everyone was snatching up usernames on the world wide internet thing, I was shocked that “garth” was already taken.  That damned textbook popped into mind.  It's been my handle ever since.Does anyone know why Richard III is fiddling with his rings in both portraits of him?Cheers

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    Hi from the farms of the Eastern Shore of Maryland!  My name is Melissa and I've only been a listener for 2 months but love this podcast.  I happened upon it by happy accident.  My BA is in global history but I've always loved the Isles since high school.  I've been to London once and cannot wait to get back.

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    Hi, Garth. Pretty sure King Richard is fiddling with his ring while plotting world domination and periodically breaking into maniacal laughter. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!~Jesilea

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    Hi,I'm Graeme and I've been listening to the podcasts for ages as part of my regular dog walking regime here in the foothills of the Lancashire Pennines, but finally guilted myself into buying a membership.  Keep up the good work Jamie!

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    Hi! (G'day)In Sydney we listen to Jamie during the hot humid nights when we're drifting off to sleep - and then again when we wake in the night :-[We sometimes listen to the same episode 5 times - we forget where we're up to.  Can't wait to move to London in the next few months!  The BHP is our "history homework" before we relocate.  Loving it!When's the tour Jamie?Cheers!

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    Hello All,I'm a 25 year old British American from Vermont, USA. I'm a fan of all history with degrees in it and in anthropology, but with this topic I feel a more personal connection. I was raised up with story telling and singing traditional English folk music, which we've somehow held onto out here in the countryside of New England. It feels important to me to maintain and even strengthen that connection to the past. I'm burning my way through this podcast since last month and thoroughly enjoying it. I've just reached Dark Age Economics and have at least 150 more to go to catch up ;) Well done Jamie

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