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    Theres probably more brits than any other people who are into cycling at the moment with bradley wiggins chris froome and the olympics but if anyone is then heres a place to talk about it. Ive just got into road biking myself but havent done anything bigger than 80km but then again its quite hilly where i live so i guess thats not to bad

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    I'm very into cycling, riding to work (20 mile round trip) most days all year round and doing some longer rides now and then at weekends.  I've got an ever growing collection of bikes that are needing thinned down.  Apparently (according to she who must be obeyed), no man needs four pushbikes (and a motorbike).When I get around to it, I'm planning a ride along the Forth and Clyde canal to the Falkirk Wheel, a round trip of around 60 miles from where I live.  This route follows the line of the Antonine Wall quite closely in places and there are apparently some sections and remains of forts that can be visited.  The main thing stopping me right now is that the canal towpath is meant to be quite rough in places - possibly not ideal for the skinny 23mm road bike tyres on my favourite bikes.  I may have to use another piece of British History (though more recent than the podcast covers), my 70's Raleigh roadster, a heavy (or is that solid?) all-steel bike built in Nottingham with Sturmey Archer 3 speed hub gears, a Brooks saddle and fat, comfy tyres.Pete.

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    I've recently jumped back on the bike to get fitness and maybe lose a few! Just got a my old mountain bike but sticking to lanes. Up to 14miles in one sitting so far over 2 weeks. Not bad for a “broad” chap like me :)

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    Texan here (with a British grandmother–does that count?), and I'm a bit into cycling myself. I always had a mountain bike as a kid and rode around like a redhaired heathen in central Texas, but now I live in the city and typically only bike 10 miles at a time. I'd like to get a road bike soon. Any recommendations for a good ladies bike? Do I even need a ladies bike?

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    Youll probably only tell the difference between mens and womens at the top level of bikes, and if you get a normal one and find it uncomfortable you can always get a womens saddle to go on it. As for reccomendations try trek and specialized, maybe giant and only spend what you can afford.

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    I've ridden a Giant mountain bike before and loved it. We'll see what my budget looks like soon. :)

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    I like cycling off-road mostly but haven't done so for almost two years. I have a bright red Specialized Rockhopper (hardtail) with white front forks. It's a pretty decent bike and when I have spent some money taking it to the shop for a service (as it is currently not road or off-road worthy) I can get back onto the South Downs Way, a national trail in the UK (for those who do not know what it is) that's approximately 100 miles long and stretches between Winchester and Eastbourne. I haven't done the whole stretch yet but plan on doing so in the near(ish) future.

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