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    Ok this isn't a computer or video game, but I didn't want to start a whole new thread for this when I think I could just fit it in here.  Are any of you into board games?  Specifically war games?  There is a fantastic board game out there made by Fantasy Flight Games that is a remake of an older game from 1986 called “Britannia”.  In it, two-three players play the indigenous Britons and one player plays the Claudian Roman invasion force.  The game starts with the Claudian invasion of Britannia and ends with the invasion of William the Conqueror in 1066.  It is absolutely epic looking; you play through all the invasions of Britain, the Romans, Angles/Jutes/Saxons, Danes, Viking raids, Normans… I am thinking about picking it up through Amazon.  Here's a link for you to check out the game yourself Cheers!  ;D

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    I've moved this from the Computer Games section into its own topic.  Because lets face it, board games are awesome enough to deserve their own topic.So who's played Britannia?  Is it worth me checking it out? And if you look at my Recommendations on the page, you'll see some of the games I've played and absolutely adored. 

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    Great!  I look forward to checking out your recommendations.

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    I've never heard of it before. What's the gameplay like? It sounds like Axis & Allies from your description.

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    It has much of the same feel.  It's your typical American style boardgame with different regions being fought over with armies, strategizing, etc.  It has a really epic feel to it, because it covers 1000+ years of British history.  Pretty cool stuff.  Check out the link I posted above, it has reviews and videos to watch to your heart's content!  :)

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    I recommend Agricola.  Not a casual game and can be intimidating, but quite good.If you haven't played 7 Wonders, run (not walk) to your nearest store and pick it up.  My favorite game out there.

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    I recommend Agricola.  Not a casual game and can be intimidating, but quite good.If you haven't played 7 Wonders, run (not walk) to your nearest store and pick it up.  My favorite game out there.

    Yup, Agricola is great.  I've just bought the new two-player "Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small" too, which is very fun and has the same feel but is quick to play, MUCH less intimidating, and easier to teach.  You don't need a giant table, either. Heh.7 Wonders looks good but I wonder how successful it really is for two players?  It's a real struggle to find decent 2-player games.I'm trying to learn Le Havre by playing against the AI on my iPad...And I'll play Ticket to Ride any time I can talk someone into it!  I own the Europe version which is fun because the map is the Europe of the early 20th century and makes everyone say "huh?"

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    We played 3-player 7 Wonders and it definitely required a different strategy then a 4+ games.  I don't have too many Two player games.  Haven't played it, but the Lord of the Rings card game looks decent.  I love Ticket to Ride!  Have you tried the monster expansion yet?

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    Love boardgames! We have a local group that meets monthly for 13 hours of them. as for 7 Wonders, *Technically* you can two player it, but it's not all that great. More than that and it's a super game. I've not played Agricola yet but I hear good things. as for two player games, my top suggestion would be Netrunner. It's an interesting asymmetrical game of Corp vs Runner. if Sci-Fi isn't your thing, the Game of Thrones card game makes for a good two player varient, and brutal multiplayer. Ingenious is good for the Othello like crowd. Summoner Wars, Forbidden Island, and Ascention: Chronicle of the Godslayer are all solid two or more players.

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    I have some friends here in Quito who seem to have every board game known to mankind (rooms devoted to shelves of games) so perhaps they have some of these.  We've been playing some of their games every other week or so.  I'll see if they have the ones that have been recommended here. 

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    The board game Britannia was my first real introduction to English history between the Romans and the Normans. I've spent quite a few hours on Wikipedia trying to figure out who the various “heroes” (Boudicca, Ida, Alfred, Harold, etc.) are that show up periodically, as well as the different factions and regions that I'd never heard of. It's a long game (Axis & Allies length), so beware. We're talking 1-2 hours before new players figure out what's going on and 10 hours or so to finish a game. Anyway, I heartily recommend it!

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    Chris Cox

    Lots of great games to recommend:
    Agricola and 7 Wonders are both great.
    Trajan if you like a slightly heavier Euro game that uses a Mancala mechanic.
    Jerusalem if you like area control.
    And I recently played Mare Nostrum: Empires.
    And a long lost of others

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