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    Hello, all. My name is Sheesha, and I hail from Western Canada. I got into the BHP, admittedly, to help me deal with a bad breakup. Having something playing that I can focus on helps keep me from getting lost in thoughts/feeling sorry for myself, and if I get to learn some things along the way, I'm not going to complain. My favourite area of history is... not technically history. I really dig prehistory because I enjoy the mystery of it. I think there's a certain fun in only having so much information and having to just build up tenuous theories, and how quickly those can be knocked down by only one or two findings; it's such a quickly changing field of study; it has a sense of excitement to it. Which also means that, in those special moments in the BHP where I get to hear 'we don't know', I actually get excited. I have two cats, named Chaucer and Shakespeare, and a Star Trek tattoo. I don't really know what else to say about myself, but I figure that might be all you need to know.

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    Welcome aboard, Sheesha!  This may not qualify as a “Big” welcome, but we are glad to have you here. 

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    HELLLOOOO!!!! Super, Great BIG WELCOME!! Your cat names are awesome. Therefore you are awesome. I'm pretty sure that's how it works anyway. Here's to getting over crummy breakups and getting into history!  :D

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    Hi Sheesha, I'm sorry to hear about the breakup but I'm glad it lead you to the BHP!  And I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only person who really loves the mystery of history and the "I don't know" areas.  Frankly, because I say it so much, I've been thinking of making a "we may never know" sticker.Welcome to the community!

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