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    Howdy folks. I just recently found the podcast and have been consuming it at an alarming rate, it's really excellent stuff. The content, aided by the wit employed by Jamie makes for great entertainment. BackgroundI've always loved history, it's been a lifelong love affair. Usually centered around England in the middle ages, but would later expand to most of the would be empire. It makes sense considering that is where my pre-American ancestry largely comes from, I'd like to look into it far more thoroughly one day. As I grew older I've fostered interests in other cultures as well, the big ones being Rome, Israel, Japan, China, Russia, and Germany.I ended up for a while having History as my major during my undergrad days, but switched it a minor after a while. Currently working on a master's in Theology, to hopefully one day teach Church History. Thanks for the fun Jamie, I'm thoroughly hooked 25 episodes in.

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    Welcome aboard!  Whereabouts in Virginia are you?  My husband, demon darling child, and I will be headed to VA at Christmastime.  I'm holding out for a couple of treks to Colonial sites, but I have a feeling I'm going to be outvoted.  Again.  :)

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    Hiya, welcome to the community!  What is the focus of your Master's of Theology on?

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