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    Hello! My name is Kate and I currently live just outside of Boise, ID, but what's really important here is that I was born in Canada, so I consider myself a natural born member of the Commonwealth. Plus, I'm a huge genealogy buff so I know that I have quite a few(hundred) years worth of Irish and Welsh ancestry to add a bit more personal import to the things that I love learning from the BHP.  As if my impressive pedigree wasn't enough, I also have a BA in History with an emphasis in Western Europe and I am just about to start the process to get my teaching certification.  I would love to be able to impart as much wisdom to my eventual high school history students as I have gained by listening to the BHP. Maybe I'll even offer extra credit to the students who add the BHP to their playlists.  I have been listening to the podcast for almost a year now. I was working at a boarding kennel and I spent a lot of time listening to my ipod while I worked.  One day I thought, "I wonder if I should be listening to something educational rather than the latest hits from so-and-so," so I did a search for British history and the BHP was first on the list.  Ever since the first episode I've been hooked.  Jamie, I really enjoy the less formal tone you've set for the podcast while still maintaining that important scholarly thoroughness and attention to detail in your research.  Since it seems to be the thing to do in these introduction posts, I will say that I am excited to hear what you, Jamie, have to share about the Norman Conquest, the eventual establishment of the Plantagenet royals and the continued struggles with France during the 100 Years War.  A little farther out, I'm also especially interested in the effects of the Industrial Revolution on British culture and politics, but we've got so much juicy stuff to go through before we get there that I will curb my enthusiasm for that topic for the time being.  Alright, now that I've written much more about myself than I should have, I would like to ask Jamie a question. Perhaps you have already answered it in the Podcast, or in another feed here on the forum. If that's the case, feel free to just point me in the right direction to find the information rather than repeating yourself for perhaps the billionth time.  My question is: Is there some place where you have documented or cited any of the scholarly works you refer to on a regular basis in the Podcast.  I know that occasionally you will mention certain sources by name in the podcast but I was wondering if maybe you've posted on the site exactly where you found the info and where/how it might be available to us listeners. I'm referring mostly to secondary resources, not particularly to the primary-ish ones like the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle or the writings of Bede. Thanks, Jamie, for being such a diligent and dedicated host. I look forward to diving deeper into the forum and getting to know my fellow listeners.  As of this moment, regrettably, I am not a contributing member of the podcast. But I'm hoping to convince my husband to pay for my subscription as a Christmas gift, so I look forward to delving into the members' content very soon!  Happy Holidays everybody!       

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    Hi Kate!I'm so glad that the show could keep you entertained at the Kennel.  I think it's really cool that you're going back to school to get your teaching cert!As for the Normans, I'm also quite excited to talk about that completely insane family.  :)I really need to be better about posting my sources online.  Right now I don't have much of a list, and much of the material comes from scholarly articles rather than books, but I'll try to be better in the future.  Sorry about that!!Jamie

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