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    I'm a recent college grad (I studied costume design for theatre, with lots of art history folded in) and a lifetime Anglophile and history-phile. I discovered the BHP three days ago and I'm already well into the second season. I work in the costume shop of a classical theatre in Washington, DC, so plugging into hours of podcasts while sewing is no problem. When not making costumes, I like to knit Fair Isle socks of my own design, practice sixteenth-century blackwork embroidery, and sample the local craft beer (the darker, the better!). I have to say I am very excited for when the BHP reaches the Norman Invasion, the Battle of Hastings, and the creation of the Bayeux Tapestry, perhaps my favorite item from all of art history! Silly Harold, didn't you know those Anglo-Saxon Beatles haircuts were doomed from the start?

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    Hi Ellis, I'm so glad you found us!  Working in a costume shop sounds like such a cool job.  :)Welcome to the community!

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    Oh yes, it definitely is! My particular passion is tailoring for menswear. I hope to soon go to the UK to learn classic English tailoring.

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    If you get a chance to go to London, be sure to visit The Globe, where they have a nice exhibit on the theatre of Shakespear's time, including costumes and the many layers, styles, uses, fabrics, etc.  If you have studied this already, it might not be advanced enough for you, but it was exciting for me.

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    Oh, it's definitely on my long list of things I want to see and do! Thanks!

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    Your introduction is considerably more interesting than my introduction! Welcome!

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