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    Do you have any interesting photographs of locations that we've been speaking about (or might speak about in the future)?  This is a great spot to share them with other listeners.  Additionally, we have a lot of listeners who live outside of the UK and don't have the opportunity to see many of the ruins, and vistas, and sites that you pass by ever day.  So this is a great way get involved in the community since I might end up sharing your photographs with other listeners on the Website or on Facebook!  So here's how to use this space...

    • Click the "New Topic" button at the main listing for the Photographs board
    • In the subject space, write a short title of what the photos are (ie, "Hadrian's wall")
    • Write anything you want into the body, maybe when they were taken, where they were taken, and any interesting facts you might wish to share.
    • And then provide links to the photos if they're already hosted.
    • If they files aren't hosted, "click Attachments and other options" and attach them that way.  NOTE: the file limit is pretty small on attachments so it's probably better if they're hosted.

    Reply to this thread of you have any questions.  :)

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