How meaningful was a "Celtic" identity in the time of Oswiu/Ecgfrith?

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    I was just reading this paper on the Exogamous Marriages of King Oswiu, and in it I noticed some interesting wording:

    "Anglo-Celtic hostility remains a continuing theme in the sources for the early Anglo-Saxon north ... However, there does exist evidence of more amicable interaction and political contact: of Northumbrians finding refuge within Celtic kingdoms, of intermarriage, and of alliance."

    The point of heavy interaction between Northumbria and the Picts has been covered in excellent detail in the podcast. However, it is the "Anglo" and "Celtic" designations which gave me pause. Here are a few questions that come to mind when puzzling over this "Celtic" identity:I remember a time when the Irish were known to conduct routine raids on the Welsh coast. Do those still happen? Were the northern Celtic kingdoms of Dalriada and Alt Clut more Irish, Welsh, or Pictish in character?Cadwallon was the last Welsh king we've really heard about, but he led a great effort to try and reconquer the north for the Britons. That failed, but do we still see some cultural fluidity between Wales and Northern England/Southern Scotland the way we had in previous eras?I think these questions are becoming pretty relevant given Ecgfrith's (mis)adventures in Celtic lands. I agree with Jamie's hypothesis that the Irish raid was probably something to do with interfering Scoti, and I guess I'm just anxious to see how things turn out for the Britons/Welsh/Celts/Irish/Picts/Scottish/whatdoyoucallthem!? :).

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