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    In the Roman times… Ceasar/Claudio … How long did it take those armies to get to Britain?How long did it take later to travel from England to Rome, for example, during the Tudor times...I just want to get an idea of how long traveling took those days...Thank you!

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    i'd guess 20 miles a day if unhindered and the weather was good

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    i know this is an old thread but here we go.if we use infantry, an average infantry unit would carry 70lbs of equipment and you would be looking at around 15miles day on a good day. so lets say your marching an army from rome to london. thats is 1160 miles using modern roads or 891 in a straight line, lets take the middle at about 1000. so 1000/15 is around 66 which would lead me to think it would take about 66days not including boats to travel that distance.

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