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    I hope I am posting in the right area for this question.  But I haven't seen anything relating to how this works.Kells

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    Kells, the karma rating is simply a way to show popularity and whether people like what you are posting for whatever reasons they may have. You click on 'applaud' if you like what you read and 'smite' if you don't. The number of each is then continually tallied. I don't think many people actually use this function. I have a few times and you can see by my karma count I have been applauded a few times, which is always nice  ;)Hope that was clear.

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    Oh I had never noticed this before! Is there any way of knowing which posts have been applauded though? Definately a good idea, its nice to know people are reading the posts and appreciate the comments, even if everyone doent necessarily reply!

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    Is there any way of knowing which posts have been applauded though?

    As far I am aware, no. It is just a count based on an individual's overall popularity irrespective of which of the individual's post were applauded. It doesn't have a function to say which post was applauded but I'm not an admin on this site and don't know what features (if any) the karma function provides behind the scenes. I can't imagine anyone using smites here......we are all friendly bunch  :)

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    As far as I know, there isn't much of a functionality to it.  It's just a way to say “I like what this person is posting!”

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