How do I get my Members Only podcasts?

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    I received an email confirming my membership, but there's no indication how or where I'm supposed to download the podcasts.

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    Hi.I had a few problems as well. You can listen directly if you go to and enter your username and password which was in your emailI have found that the current version of ios podcasts does not support password protected feeds. Itunes does work if you copy and paste the link in the search. Hopefully an error in the podcast app that they will fix. Otherwise, the only podcast app if you are using ios that works with this brilliantly is Downcast. You can download the content on it for listening to later and it is probably the best app of its kind. There are probably others that work with members only feeds, but I know that Pocket Casts, Podcasts, and Overcast currently don't.Otherwise, you can always download the British History Podcast app. Very good and links to everything.I hope that helped?

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    The email from Amazon didn't contain a username or password. There's a long string of letters and numbers called a 'Subscription Authorization ID', which I have no clue what to do with.

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    Probably best to email Jamie as he should send a mail to follow up.Send it to him using the email you are signed up to Amazon with.He will sort it out for you and send another mail with the info. Send to:[email protected]

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    Hi!  Yes, definitely email me if you haven't received anything from me.  I do all memberships by hand so there is often a small delay (usually no more than 24 hours, unless I'm out of town or sick).  Something to keep in mind is that the only contact information I have for new members is the email address that is attached to their amazon accounts.  So that means if you still log in to Amazon with your old Yahoo email address, that's where I'll be sending the membership info unless you tell me to do otherwise.  ;)

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    Kaite McGrew

    Where can I get the British History Podcast at? I’m on an Android it’s not showing up in the Google Play Store and I can’t get pocketcast to download anything past episode 78 for some reason

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    Will Eaves

    Hi folks!
    I recently signed up and am excited to get all caught up with the vaunted member episodes. I use pocketcasts on a android phone. i dont think the protected ones are available there.
    The real question:
    does anyone recommend a free android app that will support my support?

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    Ian Cox

    Following a recommendation in another BHP forum thread, I bought the Pocket Casts app for my iPhone – been digging around trying to find a way to dl the members episodes but can’t see a way to do this… does anyone know how? I have I just thrown £3.99 into the great dark void that is the Internet?

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    Ian Cox

    Seems I fixed it… in the standard iPhone podcasts app, the Members only feed appeared in the list of podcasts – I logged in from there. How the feed got there, I don’t know – it may have been as a result of installing the BHP app and signing it, or it may have been because I linked into iTunes on my MAC and synched my phone… hey, I’m getting old, ok? :-)

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