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    First aired around 2009 I think there are 5 series. It has won a number of Bafta awards including the best comedy show. Although primarily aimed at kids it also operates on an adult level. Extremely clever and very funny it takes shows such as Masterchef, Top Gear, Wife Swap, News (don't miss the Bob Hale reports) and Sport and gives them a historical context. Most of the skits are with regular actors that include sketches, adverts (Try new Victorian Child to sweep your chimney and if the child grows too big we will change it for a smaller one absolutely free) with some cartoons and songs. The latter are extraordinarily clever in lots of different styles – Alicia Keys style on New World; rap – King Charles the Party King; hip hop, heavy metal, Gilbert & Sullivan, Kate Bush, David Bowie style Charles Darwin; jazz, blues and don't miss the Rosa Parks gospel song “I sat on a bus”. Terrible Tudors, Vicious Vikings, Putrid Pirates, Woeful Second World War, Groovy Greeks, Rotten Romans, Slimey Stuarts and Vile Victorians should all be mandatory in schools.

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    This probably will come as no surprise, but I love HH.  :)

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