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    Hello everyone,I've been listening to the History Of Hannibal and Jamie Redfern announced he was arranging a meet up in London. It would be on Saturday 8th June at the same pub (The George Inn) we met Jamie last time. We talked about doing another meet up and this seemed like a good time and opportunity. I'm thinking of going. Anyone else interested?Beer and history in the summer. Who could resist?What details there are at this early date can be found here: http://thehistoryofpodcast.blogspot.co.uk/

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    Sounds good to me! I'll put it in pencil in the diary and hope for sunshine  :D

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    Yeah I'd definitely be up for that. Might be able to sit outside a bit more this time!

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    Yep, sounds good to me  ;)In reality Alex hounded and hounded me until I yielded and said I would go with him  :o

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    Slight surprise to find this here! I look forward to seeing you all! Provisional details for the meetup are 4PM, 8 June at the George Inn, but due to some problems with this date it may have to be changed to another day a few weeks late, maybe Sunday 23rd June? I hope this date is all right with you all.~Jamie

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    Yeah, it's been bumped to 23rd June. Sorry about that.

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