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    Actually I am not a “y'all” exclaiming southerner but have been living in The Atlanta area (Georgia) for last 20 years. My name is Cameron, am a father of two and like many of you, am a arm chair historian. About two months ago I read an historical novel about William Marshal and that got me started on Norman England which in turn led to looking into Anglo-Saxon England. In my research, I came across your pod cast (about two weeks ago) and have listen to the first seventy-five or so. Trying to catch up. Jamie, to say the least, you are wonderful at this. Bet you wish you could have all that law school tuition back. Anyway, keep up the excellent work and thank you for all your hard work and research.

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    Hi Cameron,If my law school is reading this, you don't have to give me my tuition back as Cameron suggests... you can keep what I have already paid and I will happily accept you just forgiving the remaining mountain of loans.  ;)Anyway, which novel was it that got you interested in William Marshal?Welcome to the community and I'm so glad that you're enjoying the show!

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    It was Elizabeth Chadwick's  'The Greatest Knight'. Also read the second in that series, 'The Scarlet Lion', which portraits his life after quitting the playboy life style of the tourney circuit. There are two more in the series, one about his daughter, who married into the famous Bigod family and one about his father, who was  infamous for side switching during the conflict between Matilda and Stephen. Haven't read those yet but I do find her novels very entertaining and believe she tries to be some what “historical”. Of course, all historical fiction has to make the characters accessible to the modern reader. If we were to really meet most of these people, I think our modern sensibilities would be wounded (that's if they just didn't kill us for being such marshmallows.)

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