Hi from Sydney!

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    Been listening for about 3 months and only just got around to subscribing (oops)!
    Glad I’m finally onboard. Already at ep 125 and loving every second.

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    Aidan O’Donnell

    Hi from Adelaide,

    Nice to hear from another history enthusiast. I have been listening for roughly the same time. I wonder how many other members are here in Oz?



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    I’m from Sydney too.

    I’m wondering if you noticed any jumps or gaps/disruptions in episode 124 ?
    Specifically at 26:43 and 32:46.

    In episode 178 at 22:50 I did enjoy Jamie’s ironic observation nothing the
    similar lack of foresight of the ruling classes then and nowadays about
    important concerns while prioritising frivolous pursuits.

    I remember him doing the same in an earlier episode but forgot to note
    it coz I was listening in the car and I ask if you can note it here
    while you are catching up please.

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