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    Hello fellow BHP listeners, My name is Alastair and as they say a long time listener first time caller ( or should that be poster). I live in Stafford, the county town of Staffordshire and of course the thing most people (well those with an interest in history) will might think about is the hoard and yes I have been multiple times to both Stoke and Birmingham to see the hoard, although there are more things going for this part of the world than the hoard of course. Am learning things in more detail than we got taught at school, which was very much the celts were here, then the romans came and went and the dark ages were just skipped with 1066 and all that being the beginning of "proper" history. Now i know a bit more about the Dark Ages the more , how you say , unpleasent characteristics of ( some) us brits that get released on a drunken saturday night, or at a football game are a little more understandable.  

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    Hi Alastair, I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying learning about the vibrant (and rather drunken) Anglo Saxon era.  And I have quite a lot of love for the Potteries and BMAG in your neck of the woods.  You're very lucky to live so close to such wonderful resources.  :)Welcome to community!

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