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    I am Vickie, my son Doug also is a sometimes listener to the podcast (my phone is paired to the car’s Bluetooth and I keep the podcast queued up to auto play). We live in central Ohio.

    I have to admit I broke a promise I made that Jamie didn’t know had been made. I am sorry for that, too. I had promised that as soon as I reached the point that I was a year out from where you were currently, I would join up as a member and start paying my way. Imagine my surprise when your dear Nan talked about her vote! I realized that I had gotten to a few weeks away and way overshot my goal.

    In my defense, I struggle with my phone randomly jumping around to different episodes and I have a terrible time remembering which episode I am really on… to Doug’s frustration, we listened to episodes 130-150 at least 5 times each. :) I also have been listening a lot more than I had been as I am making Christmas gifts. So anyway, By my reckoning I am about a week late. Sorry about that. :)

    I am happy to be here, not sure how often I will be able to check in, but I will try.


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