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    Anna Bower

    Hey everyone. I am Anna. I became a member in the spring of this year and I finally caught up date! It’s kind of sad though, Now I am not sure what to listen to while I wait. Like Alfred the great, I suffer with lovely autoimmune disease- mine is lupus with a side of pulmonary hypertension. The plugs for twitter have finally persuaded me to re-log into my twitter account. I seriously think instagram is better though. You can follow all the Vikings actors there!! ;P

    Anyway, Jamie and Zee- great job on the PhD! I can’t wait for that shop talk!! Some of that is stuff that I have noticed but wouldn’t have been able to vocalize. I think you may have just saved my relationship with my Fox News watching Father-In-Law! THANK YOU!! Seriously! Words are not enough. I was about to give up.

    Looking forward to many more hours of wonderful tales!!

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