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    Hi all! I’m Grant from Chicago. I just started listening to the podcast recently (maybe 5-6 weeks ago) and have nearly caught up after quite a binge. I got interested in the topic after watching the first season of The Crown and realizing that I knew nothing about British history. So, I perused podcasts after striking out on finding any highly rated documentaries. What followed was not at all what I expected. I expected, after over 200 episodes, to be well in to the Renaissance era, but, after realizing this was a “slow and steady wins the race” kind of podcast, I really got in to it. I love learning about all of these events that I had no idea of. To be honest, I didn’t even know the Vikings invaded Britain. Although I sometimes can’t keep storylines straight or my eyes glaze over after so many different AEthels are named, I’m still really enjoying it.

    I got the membership for Christmas this year after I continuously talked about the podcast to my fiancee who is less than interested in what I have to say about this stuff. Almost immediately after starting the podcast, I knew I would buy the membership since it’s niche and not full of 10 minutes of ads at the beginning or ends – I like that. I also work at a law firm and can support any one who wants to get out of the legal field (voluntarily or involuntarily) and do something else! Anyways, I’m excited to join the community and happy holidays to everyone!!

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    Mary Bellomo

    Hello! I’m also from Chicago and also got this membership as a gift this year!

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