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    Hi All,I'm so happy to finally become a member. Running out of episodes gave me the extra push I needed. I'm a lover of all things history and stumbling on this Podcast was a god send. The first podcast I listened to was Serial (Cliche) ha ha and was struggling to find a story teller on par. Well I have found one, if not better as this content is actually useful information. The way Serial was told was the thing that got me not so much the content.One of my favourite things are the corny sound effects. "Meanwhile in Brittania…Baaahhhh", "And this person died…shriek"  So glad That it is a long lasting podcast too. I have listened to about 4 yrs of Jamie's hard work in about a month. It's opened my life to new and wonderful things as this is the first time I have ever posted in a forum!!!!!!Looking forward to some great conversation with like minded intelligent people who like using their time to expand their knowledge. As my father always said "further yourself in any way you can, cause your knowledge is the only thing that can't be taken away."So a huge thanks and shout out to Jamie for helping me do this while I drift off to sleep.Stop in on this "Thread" (???? did i get that lingo right) and introduce yourself.Talk soon!!!!!

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    First, welcome to the community, Adelaide!Second, I cannot believe you just compared me to Serial.  I don't even know what to say.  ...  Thank you?  I am a huge Serial fan (isn't everyone?) and so I completely disagree that I'm on the same level, but thank you very much. Wow.  :)

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