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    Okay, back when I was in high school, I was a story geek as I am today. I barrowed a book from my high school library that was on British or English Tales. In that book was a story about “The Last of the Picts.” I think that might have been my first introduction to these interesting peoples. That's the story that stayed with me. Well anyway, I wish I knew the title of the book or the author or something because I WANT THAT BOOK! I have tried searching the title the story with no results beyond articles and Wikipedia. The story goes pretty much like this: the two last Picts, father and son, have been captured and are being questioned for the fantastic mead recipe of the Picts. The father has one request knowing they aren't going to get out of this alive and requests their captures kill his son. They do. Then the old man tells them he knew the son would have given them the recipe under torture, but he never will! And so the secrets of Pictish Mead dies with him. Anyone know what book this is from?

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