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    My husband got me started on listening to podcasts earlier this year, and the very first one I signed up for was about the Danish line of regents, starting with Gorm the Old and moving all the way up to Margrethe II (current). I enjoyed that one, and at one point one of the guys mentioned a similar English one called Rexfactor, so after running out of episodes on the Danish one, I gave it a shot. (Husband says I’m totally anglophile, although I solemnly swear that’s not why I chose him!) Only got a couple of episodes in before it led to me wanting to look something up and seeing a comment from someone who recommended listening to it parallel to this one. So here I am, 100+ episodes later suddenly finding myself desperately wanting to quit my job and study archeology instead. I wish someone would do something as thorough as this with Danish history!

    Me, fast approaching 40, happily married, two cats, otherwise also addicted to embroidery, tea, and eating spaghetti Genovese that Husband cooks omnomnom (though not all three at the same time), and strongly dislikes using my real name online. :)

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