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    Hello  :DMy name is Linda, I'm French and I'm a certified English teacher for the National Education in France. I'm fascinated by linguistics and civilizations, especially British and American, that's why I was curious to know more about this forum. I'm training for the Agregation, which is the highest degree a teacher working in the public sector in France can reach. One of the components of the program this year concerns The Glorious Revolution. Not exactly an easy issue to deal with, but History is always complex isn't it?  Thanks for reading  :)

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    Hello Linda. I am also new to the podcast, am curious about the forum and certainly about UK history. My own reading on Brit history has recently lead me into some research on France as well. I am not a teacher but have great respect for those who are as many of my family are or were educators. I also study some American history, a lot of which is tied into the World Wars but I like to wander around in history and culture quite a bit you might say. I have a good deal of shallow knowledge in many topics you might say, and am always wanting to find out more.  At any rate I don't know what your more specific interests are but if you would like to email me about them maybe we could find things in common?

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