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    Hello there, I'm thrilled to join the Forums, having listened to BHP and been a big fan for a while now. Jamie, I love your work, the content of course but also the presentation. You have a brilliant knack of making this stuff fun and the cynic in me loves how you pull apart and expose your sources and their probable biases. I'm a Brit living stateside (near San Francisco) and while I drag my kids to the UK every summer to see family I still feel they don't get enough Englishness. I listen to you while I make dinner, then let you run on in the background through dinner and it's amazing what they quote back at me from your shows. I particularly loved the Staffordshire hoard episodes as I come from very close to there and had a chance last summer to visit Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery once again (my old haunt from school days) to see the Hoard Displayed. Sadly I missed the helmet as it was being worked on but I really appreciated your heads up about where the display was so I could work it into my schedule. I also really enjoyed the interviews you did with the people on the ground. I'm thrilled to be able to binge listen today to the members feed now I finally joined. Thank you for doing all this, it's really appreciated and valued and I'm sure it must be lots of work because you have such a great attention to detail, which is of course what makes the podcast so great!PS, I'll be in Wales this summer, and I was casting my mind about for interesting things you've talked about I should try to see on the way. It would be cool to have a map on your website with interesting places to visit flagged for people who are wondering about Britain looking for an excuse to do something other than find a nice pub for lunch. Not that there's anything wrong with that either.

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    Welcome! I'm a bay area native.

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    Thanks! I'm a transplant, although after 15 years here and living in all parts of the Bay Area over time I feel pretty much at home. And all I have to do when I get homesick is listen to the BHP and everything feels better again! I feel privileged to have a good feel of the places Jamie talks about in the BHP too.

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    Funny how all that works. I was born and raised in Oakland, and I'm homesick for there now that I live on the east coast.

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