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    Good Morning to you all!My name is Gareth and I am from Wolverhampton in the UK (The black country). Stumbled across Jamie's wealth of podcasts on iOS while looking for new content to keep myself entertained, and they are really awesome some (ok alot) of facts I did not know about our great nation.  Thank you Jamie!

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    Hi I'm another newbie from the UK .. and again found the podcasts trying to find something to while away a train journey .. and loved them!Am only up to episode 5 so far but think I will be racing through and catching up pretty quick!!Always loved history but hated history lessons in school which were just dates/wars/dates .. love these podcasts with the human element added!

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    That's weird,  I'm another new member as of today, and my real name is also Donna! I've been listening since early this year (around the start of the Offa stuff) but have only just got around to sorting out membership.

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    Awesome. So where you guys from in the UK does your area have any good history links that you know of?

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    Hi I live in Kent.. but am originally from Cornwall…. LOADS of history all around!

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    Hi Gareth, welcome to the community!

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