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    Hi everyoneMy name is Jane. I discovered the BHP a month or two ago so I'm WAY behind! Currently listening to a couple of episodes a day whilst doing the chores to catch up a bit. I'm one of those who hated history at school and now love it. As an avid reader, I started a Reading Challenge last year called Reading the Rulers. The aim is to read a book about every ruler of Britain from around Athelstan onwards!A bit of personal info: I'm a middle aged mum of 3 (ages 12, 18 and 21). I work part time as a Virtual PA. Studied languages at Sheffield University. Originally from near St Albans - there's a historic location if ever there was one - now living a few miles from the wonderful Glastonbury Tor (history AND legend!)Anything else? Yeah, I'm a bit of a hippy ?. Just so's you know....Jane

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    Well, high Jane! Welcome to the Forum!

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    Hi Jane, out of curiosity, what is a Virtual PA?  Also: I'm quite jealous that you have so many sites to visit so close to your home?Anyway, welcome to the community!

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