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    Yes, I have to specify NORTHERN Arizona because the entire thing is not a desert. I live in the mountains, dang it.Anyways, name's A.J., just became a member. Found the podcast trying to find research material for a tabletop RPG setting I'm writing ("How's that for nerd cred?" -Jamie, after comparing hillforts to Edoras).Anyways... one disappointment so far... we have a Scotcast, a Welshcast, but no Hibernocast?

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    Mighty fine Northern Az. mountains you live in. I have enjoyed the whole state, however, the North has always been my favorite. Have fun and success with your RPG!

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    Hi AJ, welcome to the community!  Yeah, we talked about doing a Hibernocast, actually, but the story is already so fragmented that it would just become a nightmare to cover so instead we're just keeping to Great Britain for the sake of keeping the show on track.  Sorry!  :)

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    That makes me sad:(

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    Nothing better than Northern Arizona in the summer time.  ::)You have then North covered and I am in Southern Arizona. 8)

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