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    Hi. I'm Vincenza, I'm 56 and a total geek (yea, you don't outgrow it). I've been fascinated and obsessed by British history since I was a kid. After several stops and starts, I went back to college at 49 to get my degree in history. My plan was to go on for my Masters and teach, but life got in the way and that plan fell to the wayside. Anyway, I love the podcasts and after listening to several episodes from the very beginning, I became a member.  Right now I'm doing marathons to catch up to the newer podcasts. Anyway. Great to be here.

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    Welcome to the group!I actually just graduated with my BA in History yesterday. Will be doing my Masters in Teaching starting next month. Life, though, sure has thrown in a number of obstacles along the way. Sure seems to love messing with people sometimes.

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    Hi Vincenza,I'm so glad that you're enjoying the show.  What area of history did you focus on in school?Welcome to the community!

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    Another NC resident!

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