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    Hi everyone.  My name is Angela.  I'm in New Zealand, so a very long way from what we're dealing with. Only found the podcast a couple of months ago, and am desperately trying to catch up, which isn't easy with all of the other time consuming things life throws at you.  Like work!  But as I said really enjoying it, so it's no chore.  I've just entered the Dark Ages, so I'm getting there.  I love history although have never formally studied it.  Particularly interested in the British Monarchy and am looking forward to the Wars of the Roses and Tudor England.  Anyway enough about me, and back to those dark age drunks.  Good times!! ;)

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    Hi Angela!  I'm so pleased you're enjoying the show (and I'm also looking forward to covering the Wars of the Roses… I think it will be a lot of fun).  Welcome to the community!

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    Hey Angela! Now in a way, i've met an several Brits, a couple Aussie's, and now a New Zealander. But sorry for the babble typing. Welcome to the Forums! 

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    Hello Angela, welcome to the community. Not too far away from you in the world, am in Melbourne. Isn't the podcast great? I now realise how in the dark I was regarding the Dark Ages ! NZ is so beautiful, hope to get back there some time. Lyn

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    Desai Link

    Hey Angela
    I’ve just joined and looked at the forum, and found someone else living in NZ!

    I’m in Auckland (an Aussie originally from Perth). It would be nice to have someone to do the pub quizzes with and chat about the podcast. Let me know if you are interested.


    Desai (Des)

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