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    All,I used to listen to the podcast years ago, but I stopped when the time pressures of opening a solo law practice became too great.  I recently re-joined thinking that the podcast would be up to – oh, I don't know – the Lancastrians?  I was very pleased to find that the podcast is still pre-conquest.  History, like pork, should be slow roasted.Despite the French origins of my last name, I am an unashamed  Anglophile.  Indeed, my wife is a subject of the Queen and I think she might already be tired of me barraging her with the history of Anglo-Saxon Britain at the dinner table.  I am afraid that she will counter with tidbits from the Gilded Age.Where is Murphys you might ask?  Just up Highway 4 from Angels Camp in the Gold Country stung out along the foothills of the Sierra-Nevada mountains.  I lived for 20 years in San Francisco and I have lived in NY, London and DC.  So, like Green Acres, this is a little bit of a retreat into the country after 50 years in cities.I'm a lawyer with a solo practice in DC.  Yep, a long commute.  I specialize in Constitutional law and certain aspects of civil rights.  So, I sue the government.I wasn't always a lawyer.  I was – many think it is worse – a trader on Wall Street for 20 years.  I was a garbageman in high school.  So, entropy is proven: all things deteriorate.Best,Don Padou

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