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    Hi! I’ve been a listener to BHP on and off since 2012 and have been following the progress of the podcast on Facebook for years and years before finally taking the plunge into membership while doing a re-listen from the beginning (It took me less than a week to get through the first round of Scotcasts, so you can say I’m kind of obsessed) in preparation of a trip to the UK this autumn. I’ve always been a hapless Anglophile (I count the year I spent living in the UK during undergrad as the best of my life so far) and studied British history with a focus on the Victorian Era and the Empire during college, so going back to the very foundations of British society has been very interesting and enlightening to me.

    Thanks to Jamie and Zee for doing this and building this community and thanks to all of you for being a part of it and helping it go onwards for these past six years!

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