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    Hello all,My name is Michelle and I'm a small animal (think dogs and cats exclusive) veterinarian in Maryland near Washington DC. I have always loved European history and minored in it in undergrad. I think it was reading and watching history that kept me sane through vet school's science-centric curriculum. I started out reading anything Alison Weir and have branched out from there.  I made myself keep reading books in the Wars of the Roses until I could sort out all those Elizabeths, Henrys and Edwards :-) I also really love medical history and am always looking for new reads on the Black Death, sweating sickness etc.I started listening podcasts to keep stupid songs out of my head as I'm up all night bottle feeding kittens and found this one- I love it!

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    Hello. I'm in MD too, over closer to Baltimore.

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    I don't think I'll ever figure out the Elizabeths, Henrys, and Marys!  Welcome!

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    Hi Michelle, welcome to the community (and I love the fact that you listen to the BHP while bottle feeding kittens… KITTENS!)

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