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    Hi, I'm Mat.I'm a softeare developer in London, and I like movies, TV and board games.I originally discovered the podcast through the history of Hannibal podcast, which I guess I found while looking for more history podcasts in general, after running out of stuff to listen to (a few of my favourites are History of Rome, History of the World in 100 objects, and In Our Time). Right now I'm slowly working my way through the old episodes, mostly on my way to and from work every day.Until I started listening to the podcast I had no idea I liked British history, so kudos to Jamie for igniting my interest. Except for the compulsory stuff, I didn't study history in school; it's just something that I've grown more and more interested in over the last couple of years, and hopefully listening to all these podcasts has made me a little less ignorant of the subject (at the very least it's improved my pub quiz knowledge!)

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    Hi Mat! Welcome to the forums!

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    Hi Mat!What boardgames do you like?  That's great to hear you found the BHP through Jamie Redfern's show.  I really love his work, he does a great job in synthesizing things.  :)It really puts a smile on my face to hear that I've ignited an interest in British History.  I think that most people would like this material, it's just so interesting, but a lot of people haven't been given an opportunity to really get to know it.  You know?Anyway, welcome to the community!

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