Hello from Florida!

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    Hi everyone,I was also a long-time listener and just subscribed. I think Jamie does a great job and I should have subscribed a year ago. I am a sixth-grade English teacher and used to teach high school and specifically British Literature for several years. I was lucky to travel to the UK twice in the past five years and saw Dublin, Wales (just from the highway), the Lake District, Edinburgh, York, and London. I can't wait to go back and spend more time. I really want to explore the Highlands.I also started learning the Bagpipes four years ago and take lessons on Skype with a great instructor in Scotland. I just bought my first kilt and am developing the courage to wear it out more in public!My mother swears our family is Scottish on her side, but her maiden name in Granger, and so far I can only find it listed as an English name. Either way is great with me; I just enjoy the pipes and especially the older music, which is called Piobaireachd. I look forward to getting to know you all and being a part of this. Thanks Jamie!

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    Welcome aboard! Billy the Piper!  :)

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    Hello from Florida too!  Have fun binge-listening to play catch up :D

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    Also listening from Florida! Gets me through those long commutes…

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