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    Hello to all.  I'm Chris, I live in the lovely little college town of Denton, Texas.  I discovered the BHP a couple months ago and got caught up right around when Jamie started this membership drive.  I'm planning on a trip to the UK next summer, so having the trust foundation membership was an absolute no brainer.  Looking forward to getting to know everybody here.

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    Hello, Chris.  Denton is a nice town.  Are you in college there?

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    Not anymore.  I graduated from North Texas about a decade ago and slid nicely over to townie status afterward.  I lived in Marfa for about a year, but there were too many Austin people trying way too hard to be awesome out there and just had to get back to little d.

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    Thanks for signing up and getting the Holiday Package, Chris!  Where are you planning on going for your trip?Also: welcome to the community!

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    Whoops, sorry Jamie.  Hadn't been on for awhile and didn't notice your reply.  :-Trip plans are a little murky at the moment.  I know it's going to be in the summer, but exactly when is still up in the air.  My father in law's a historian and will be spending several weeks researching at the British Library for his latest book.  He'll be renting a flat with at least one extra bed, and anyone in the family who wants to come over while he's there is welcome to it.  Unfortunately, he's not exactly acting with the greatest swiftness on this, so I'll know what my plans are as soon as he knows what his are.

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    Howdy from across the river, love Denton, lots of good fossil hunting in and around Denton.

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