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    Hello, all – my name is Anne (hence my incredibly creative username).I'm a huge history fan - I got my bachelor's degree in it.  But there's always been blank spots in my awareness of the timeline, with the Anglo-Saxon period the worst.  Six hundred years, and my knowledge was limited to "Romans, (King Arthur?), (King Theoden), Vikings, King Alfred, uh, some Edwards?, some Danes, the Normans."  Six. Hundred. Years.So when I discovered this podcast I went to town!  By the time I got through the Roman period I was already listening to four or five episodes per day, and once the "Dark Ages" started I was pretty much marathoning it.  I want more!As for my background -- I can really relate to Jamie's story of changing one's job focus after a layoff. I'd been working in IT, but then the 2008 crash happened. The next year the job went away, and it was a rough time to be looking for work, so I started doing something I loved, copyediting, and it slowly turned into a new career.Can't wait to become more familiar with the people on this board.  :)

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    Welcome aboard. Glad something worked out for you after that layoff. Those transitions sure can be rough periods!

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    Welcome. I too live in the Chicago area, well sort of. I spend about 5-6mo a year travelling Europe and Asia.

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    Hi, Anne. I also lost my job in early 2009. My husband had a descent job, and NO ONE was hiring, so I went to grad school for an MBA. I ended up going back to work eventually, but dang, that was a rough time for us all, huh?~Jesi

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    Hi Anne (I too have a creative username),I love how you snuck Theoden into the list of bits of history you're knowledgeable in.  ;)I'm really pleased that you've managed to turn the crash into a chance to do something that makes you happy. High five for turning a potentially bad situation into something positive.Welcome to the community!

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