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    Greetings from the Windy City!My uncle introduced me to this podcast a few weeks ago, but I started listening in earnest after completing a course called "Shakespeare and Game of Thrones." In this course we learned about and analyzed the different ways that history is shaped, tweaked and retold by poets, historians, playwrights, and HBO producers. And of course we had to crash-course quite a bit of British history, but I found that I wanted to know more! And where better place to start than the very beginning?I'm only on episode 30 at the moment, so I have quite a bit of catching up to do. haha!Questions for you:-Did you start at episode 1 and listen all the way through?-Does anyone else find themselves visiting museums and trying to find artifacts related to British history?  (The Art Institute of Chicago has a small collection of Roman stuff, and even has everyone's favorite hipster)-What is your favorite way to listen to the podcast? Personally, I like to listen while doing the dishes.edit: fixed the broken link

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    I maintain a residence in the Chicago area where I visit from time to time to wash dirty laundry! Welcome to the BHP. I started at episode 1 and work my way up to what was then the current episodes. I was listening to 2 or 3 a week and it took me a few months to do. I've been current with them for a while, but occasionally fall 3-5 episodes behind. I know what you mean about seeing stuff around. I have been a history buff for a long time and when I started listening I already had a background with Roman history, not specifically Romano-British though. Getting into the Anglo-Saxon stuff was entirelly new to me and I have been discovering a lot. Good info about the Art Institute stuff. I did not know they had anything. I spend about a 1/3 of my year in Europe, so tend to focus my explorations of museums in those locations. Cheers and welcome! Scott

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    Hi Scott,Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm finding that a trusty podcast app is my key to quickly catching up on the BHP episodes. There's nothing like visiting ancient Britannia during the morning commute!I would imagine that European museums have many more ancient world artifacts to work with, as well as more public interest in ancient Greece/Rome/Britannia. However, I've heard it said that the Art Institute and the Field Museum have less than 10% of their collections on display at any given time [citation needed], so who knows what treasures they keep in their closets?What kind of job allows for a Chicago home and 1/3rd of the year in Europe? That's a line of work I need to get into! :P

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    “What kind of job allows for a Chicago home and 1/3rd of the year in Europe? That's a line of work I need to get into! :P”I am a research scientist and for the past couple of decades most real indepth research in my field has left the US for greener pastures of funding in Europe or Asia. I spend most of my time travelling to Europe but do get to Asia a couple of times a year too.

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    Those are brilliant questions.  Hopefully more people will wander by and answer them, but I wanted to pop my head in and welcome you to the community!Also, I'm glad to hear that it's changing the way you interact with museums and artifacts!  Sharing my obsession with history (and getting others to be equally obsessed about it) is one of the big goals of the show, actually.  ;)

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    Welcome!!To answer your questions (because I am a sucker for questions along these lines - remember the MySpace "survey" fad? Totally did those instead of work):* I came on board early on, maybe 3 or 4 episodes in, so I didn't have much catching up to do.  Then.  I do now.  I have way too many to catch up on.  I'm going to need a week off of work to catch up!* I gravitate towards Colonial/Revolutionary Americana, which wouldn't be a thing without Britain.  So... kind of?* On the rare days when I drive to/from work solo, I'll turn on BHP.  But I usually listen when I sew.  And I just inherited my aunt's amazing quilting machine, so I will be plugging in for many marathon sessions soon.  Wait... I mean, I listen during my workouts! YEAH!  *cough*  J/K

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