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    Hello all!My name is Spencer. I've been a fan of the British History Podcast for a few months now and am finally coming out of the shadows, so to speak! I am a rabid consumer of history, big or small, though not as my day job/studies. I am a third-year M.D./Ph.D. student at U. Illinois where I study Bioengineering. Before that, I studied Physics as an undergraduate in New York. (I'm a native of the state of Nevada, and ever winter I regret the climate-related choices I've made since high school.) I have a lovely wife, whom I married just over a year ago, that not only tolerates but actively enjoys when I put on the BHP for long car rides!I look forward to learning about everyone, and enjoying some nice conversation!Spencer

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    Hi, Spencer! I'm new also, and I'm from a few hours north in Madison. I, too, regret my decision to live in a cold climate. I'm working on the hubby to get me out of here by next summer. I started listening a few months back. Not all caught up yet, but I'm getting there. ~Jesi

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    Hi Spencer!Bioengineering sounds absolutely fascinating (and a potential first step towards a career in super-villainy).  Welcome to the community!

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